Chas Inzinna is the CEO and founder of Salontechnologies, Inc. He has a solid background in computer science and chemistry, as well as 30 years experience as a color artist in the salon and spa service based industry. Inzinna is the author of the Hair Color Formula Encyclopedia which is the database of our patented software. He is the creator of Salontechnologies product base.

Dr. Robert Redondo is the co CEO and a practicing physician and former Medical Director of one of New York’s largest regional emergency departments where he was involved in introducing the first total electronic medical record systems in New York. He is certified in statistics, medicine, psychiatry, business administration and finance. Redondo has a sound record of management and his leadership has been vital to their success.

David Maier is SalonTechnologies' app developer and future CTO. He is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology in computer science, and is working towards a master's in information technology. David has been professionally designing and developing iPhone apps since the App Store was established in 2008.

Lisa Contino is Salontechnologies IT Director. Contino has a background in administration as well as software engineering and data base management. Contino has been trained extensively in network administration and technical troubleshooting.