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We are here to be your partners in the automation and success of your business. We are committed to this industry and when you purchase any one of our products, we are committed to you. Put Salontechnologies' software and our customer support to the test and make the right decision for the future of your business. 

At SalonTechnologies.Inc, we believe that you should pick one thing and do it better than everyone else. That is why the only product we develop and support is salon and spa software. To some of our competitors, salon and spa management is a small aspect of their overall business. They develop many different software programs and hardware devices dealing with various industries. Our philosophy is to concentrate on doing our best at one thing. Salon and spa software management isn't just a part of our business... it is our business!!

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Chas Inzinna

Why we are #1...
  • The ONLY software on the market with patented hair color formulating software
  • The leader in professional salon and spa management software
  • Committed to providing excellent customer support and services